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October 9th, 2006

01:14 pm - Last call: Journal Closing
I will no longer be posting in this journal, but in luperion's.

If you enjoy following my antics, or consider me to be your friend, please add luperion into your friends list.

If you have no idea who I am, I've had fun reading your journal, anyway. But I won't do you the discourtesy of spying on your journal without adding you as a friend.

Paladin's friends list will be deleted in one week's time.

Thank you.

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October 4th, 2006

04:36 pm - Lots of me
I just realised that lots of disparate groups of people read my journal and unless they read backwards a lot, may wonder why I am a leopard.

Groups are:

Furry friends from the furry fandom, where I spent many years on Furry Muck and Tapestries. To the Furry people I am known as Paladin the Leopard (and hence this journal) and to Tapestries people I am Luperion the Arctic Wolf. I do have a Luperion journal but have never posted in it as this one has a lot of history.

In recent years I have felt more wolfish (woof woof) and have tended to use Luperion more than Paladin. Maybe some kind soul could make me an arctic wolf icon for my journal. (or I could do it myself :-)

Warcraft friends, such as Alchemius. They know me as Grunt because I have a Grunt family of characters on Cenarius server (Grunthos, Grunthax, Grunthox and Grunthaur).

RL friends such as Non and Andi and Dom and Pauly and Kerrie, who know me as Mark (and variants thereof), and are generally knowing of my efforts to find Captain Redfurr, which is a different story altogether, which I will tell if prompted.

I suppose in my woofish felinity I am similar to Tyger Cowboy, who has a feline name but in his journals seems to be woofish. /nuzzles to TygerCowboy. ^_^

I'm going to throw this one in to see who actually reads my journal (a test!). If you consider yourself to be my friend, and not just another journal that you read, add Luperion to your friends list. I will in turn add you as a friend. I just want to see who reads my journal out of habit, or are a voyeur of journals, or want to know my goings-on. I will NOT add everyone from the Paladin journal list of friends to Luperion; I want to see who responds. (so as a backdated apology to Kzintosh who once accused me of adding him as a friend merely to get my numbers up.)

And if I added you as a friend and you don't know who I am, you either don't read my journals, or I'm a waste of space in your friends list.

See you on the woofside.

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03:43 pm - Rub my furr the wrong way 2

My friends know I love omelettes and how psycho I will go over a badly made omelette. (Yes, I'm a Leo. Durr. Fuck you.)

Now I love chinese omelettes. There was a chinese restaurant near my work that made an excellent combination omelette - generous portions of beef, chicken, prawns, good amount of onion, lots of egg, nice amount of sauce (filthy oyster variety), but they shut down and my omelette outlet had been closed.

Or so I thought.

Today I discovered a little noodle house tucked away near the station that also made omelettes! Purr, said I, I shall try your combination omelette.

To begin with, it looked okay, but looks can be, and are, deceptive (or I wouldn't be writing this post. Fuck off.) A couple of bits of plant (read: green material) were cunningly draped amongst some garnish (read: shredded carrot), and some nigh-invisible clear noodles (rice?) on top of the egg. However, delving into that eggy (ovine?) mash revealed:

beef (well and good)
thin rectangular strips of something that may have been tofu
much, much more of the thin clear noodles
a prawn (yes, singular)
two pieces of some goddamn bizzare white curly thing that may have been some sort of seafood
hemispherical lumps that sort of tasted like mushroom but may not have been
a bit of capsicum

A generously spirited individual would classify this as a combination omelette, but I call it a ripoff. As alluded to in yesterday's sandwich post, when I ask for ham, I don't want ONE SLICE OF HAM, I want half a goddamn pig, thanks. And so this garnish and noodle and Dog knows what else those curly things are excuse for an omelette, does not pass the Uncle Grunt school of deliciousness test.

Tomorrow, I shall venture across the highway to another sandwich store that I spied today.

You have been warned.

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October 3rd, 2006

05:32 pm - Things that miff me
and rub my furr the wrong way:

Sandwich places that skimp on toppings for your toasted sandwich.

Now, when I worked in North Sydney, I used to buy my lunch at a little sandwich shop nearby, who by virtue of being who they were, were generous with condiments and meats for one's toasted sandwich. If you wanted ham, they used shaved ham (which is yummy and fine) but a whole freaking fat pile of it. And bacon = half a goddamn pig's worth of hot sizzling bacon slices.

And the best thing? That was standard service, and they only charged me something like $5.50 for a toasty, yummy, vein-clogging cholesterol snack.

Now, the sandwich shop at St Leonards' station, the people are lovely and want to do good, but their idea of a toasted sandwich?

1 slice of ham
1 piece of cheese
1 small half slice of bacon

between 2 huge slices of bread, and charge you $8 or so for the pleasure.

Asking for 'extra' simply increases the price.

I'm sadly disgusted by people and companies that are poor of spirit and lacking of generosity when it comes to giving customers what they are paying for. Subway falls into this category. Sure, you can order a footlong horsedick of toasty goodness, but they'll pack it full of useless salads and crap. And if you have the gall to ask for extra, they charge you through the roof.

I need to find a generous sandwich maker.

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September 28th, 2006

10:30 pm - Are you a happy harlot?
Revered Dan thinks you are!

Current Mood: harlotic
Current Music: church bells

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September 22nd, 2006

06:50 pm - Bored at work
I should post more often when I'm bored, just for those woofish updates (pupdates?) you all enjoy so very very much.

Is it wrong to buy your dinner at a fast food place because the guy who serves you is incredibly cute and has red hair? His name is Josh and even though he's probably a bit young for me I just can't help walking past where he works to see him at the counter. He's a big boy and he has nice paws.

Damn Oportos and their red furred shenanigans. If it's not cute serving guys (there was another at North Sydney who was young and EXTREMELY furry and cute and from England but I only ever saw him once) there's flatmate sightings of potential Captain Redfurr police rescue dudes.

I'm feeling peckish ...

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September 21st, 2006

02:35 pm - Double Redfurr Day!
It sure is! Though confirmation preceded prediction in that before I left for work I ran a partial MC and got the hat and gloves for my hunter, then when arriving at work a big furry redfurr passes me through the train ticket turnstyle thing, and then I predict which lift will come in my work building, and a very cute redfurr gets out. :-)

What a fucking day. :-)

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September 20th, 2006

06:03 pm - Hey true blue
Is it me and you?

Is it mum and dad?

Is it a cockatoo?

What sort of goddamn lyrics are these? Obviously designed for the terribly jingoistic amongst us, all of whom wept at Steve Irwin's televised memorial and sung live by John Williams.

Nothing could have been more Australian than that.

Give us a home among the gum trees, with lots of plum trees, a sheep or two and a kangaroo. Koalas up the side, and veggies by the fence, all in Burke's Backyard.

I think I shall retch up my McDonalds McDinner now.

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02:31 pm - Bags that do not exist
Quick summary of my recent life: boring.

I need new shoes and jeans.

Actually, I'm not in the mood for ranting.

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August 5th, 2006

02:24 pm - Mr Woof!
Haha. I just had a customer called Mr Woof. That's so cute. :-)

Also another customer recently had the password l0v3m1ss1l3 (lovemissile). He must think very highly of himself.

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