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October 3rd, 2006

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05:32 pm - Things that miff me
and rub my furr the wrong way:

Sandwich places that skimp on toppings for your toasted sandwich.

Now, when I worked in North Sydney, I used to buy my lunch at a little sandwich shop nearby, who by virtue of being who they were, were generous with condiments and meats for one's toasted sandwich. If you wanted ham, they used shaved ham (which is yummy and fine) but a whole freaking fat pile of it. And bacon = half a goddamn pig's worth of hot sizzling bacon slices.

And the best thing? That was standard service, and they only charged me something like $5.50 for a toasty, yummy, vein-clogging cholesterol snack.

Now, the sandwich shop at St Leonards' station, the people are lovely and want to do good, but their idea of a toasted sandwich?

1 slice of ham
1 piece of cheese
1 small half slice of bacon

between 2 huge slices of bread, and charge you $8 or so for the pleasure.

Asking for 'extra' simply increases the price.

I'm sadly disgusted by people and companies that are poor of spirit and lacking of generosity when it comes to giving customers what they are paying for. Subway falls into this category. Sure, you can order a footlong horsedick of toasty goodness, but they'll pack it full of useless salads and crap. And if you have the gall to ask for extra, they charge you through the roof.

I need to find a generous sandwich maker.

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