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Rub my furr the wrong way 2 - The Life and Times of the Big Golden Spotty Pooder

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October 4th, 2006

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03:43 pm - Rub my furr the wrong way 2

My friends know I love omelettes and how psycho I will go over a badly made omelette. (Yes, I'm a Leo. Durr. Fuck you.)

Now I love chinese omelettes. There was a chinese restaurant near my work that made an excellent combination omelette - generous portions of beef, chicken, prawns, good amount of onion, lots of egg, nice amount of sauce (filthy oyster variety), but they shut down and my omelette outlet had been closed.

Or so I thought.

Today I discovered a little noodle house tucked away near the station that also made omelettes! Purr, said I, I shall try your combination omelette.

To begin with, it looked okay, but looks can be, and are, deceptive (or I wouldn't be writing this post. Fuck off.) A couple of bits of plant (read: green material) were cunningly draped amongst some garnish (read: shredded carrot), and some nigh-invisible clear noodles (rice?) on top of the egg. However, delving into that eggy (ovine?) mash revealed:

beef (well and good)
thin rectangular strips of something that may have been tofu
much, much more of the thin clear noodles
a prawn (yes, singular)
two pieces of some goddamn bizzare white curly thing that may have been some sort of seafood
hemispherical lumps that sort of tasted like mushroom but may not have been
a bit of capsicum

A generously spirited individual would classify this as a combination omelette, but I call it a ripoff. As alluded to in yesterday's sandwich post, when I ask for ham, I don't want ONE SLICE OF HAM, I want half a goddamn pig, thanks. And so this garnish and noodle and Dog knows what else those curly things are excuse for an omelette, does not pass the Uncle Grunt school of deliciousness test.

Tomorrow, I shall venture across the highway to another sandwich store that I spied today.

You have been warned.

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