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Lots of me - The Life and Times of the Big Golden Spotty Pooder

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October 4th, 2006

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04:36 pm - Lots of me
I just realised that lots of disparate groups of people read my journal and unless they read backwards a lot, may wonder why I am a leopard.

Groups are:

Furry friends from the furry fandom, where I spent many years on Furry Muck and Tapestries. To the Furry people I am known as Paladin the Leopard (and hence this journal) and to Tapestries people I am Luperion the Arctic Wolf. I do have a Luperion journal but have never posted in it as this one has a lot of history.

In recent years I have felt more wolfish (woof woof) and have tended to use Luperion more than Paladin. Maybe some kind soul could make me an arctic wolf icon for my journal. (or I could do it myself :-)

Warcraft friends, such as Alchemius. They know me as Grunt because I have a Grunt family of characters on Cenarius server (Grunthos, Grunthax, Grunthox and Grunthaur).

RL friends such as Non and Andi and Dom and Pauly and Kerrie, who know me as Mark (and variants thereof), and are generally knowing of my efforts to find Captain Redfurr, which is a different story altogether, which I will tell if prompted.

I suppose in my woofish felinity I am similar to Tyger Cowboy, who has a feline name but in his journals seems to be woofish. /nuzzles to TygerCowboy. ^_^

I'm going to throw this one in to see who actually reads my journal (a test!). If you consider yourself to be my friend, and not just another journal that you read, add Luperion to your friends list. I will in turn add you as a friend. I just want to see who reads my journal out of habit, or are a voyeur of journals, or want to know my goings-on. I will NOT add everyone from the Paladin journal list of friends to Luperion; I want to see who responds. (so as a backdated apology to Kzintosh who once accused me of adding him as a friend merely to get my numbers up.)

And if I added you as a friend and you don't know who I am, you either don't read my journals, or I'm a waste of space in your friends list.

See you on the woofside.

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Date:October 5th, 2006 12:14 am (UTC)
Added you, fluffball. /nuzzle

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