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The Life and Times of the Big Golden Spotty Pooder

Paws for a while ...

Paladin Spottycat
14 August 1968
I'm a 7 foot 6 tall, golden furred leopard with emerald-green eyes. I have lots of spots! All over! Anybody reading this would likely have seen my spots up close. Yes, that close.

If you have no idea who I am, you likely know me as Luperion, the arctic wolf. Or I just like you a lot. ^_^
80s music, 90s music, abandoned buildings, abandoned places, adventures, alternative rock, animals, anthro, anthro art, anthrocon, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphic art, anthropomorphics, anthropomorphism, anthros, art, astrology, beaches, blond hair, bodybuilders, books, camping, candy, canines, caving, cemeteries, chatting, cock, computers, cons, cowboys, cuddling, dalmatians, daydreaming, dick, dogs, draft horses, dreaming, dungeons, dvds, esoteric, exploring, fantasy, fantasy movies, farscape, felines, fetish, fire dogs, firemen, footpaws, forests, friends, fur, fur suit, fur suits, furr, furries, furry, furry art, furry conventions, furry events, furry fandom, furry lifestyle, furry pride, furry stories, furrymuck, furs, fursuit, fursuit yiff, fursuiters, fursuiting, fursuits, fursuitting, fursuityiff, games, gaming, garlic, gay, gay monsters, gay weres, gay werewolf, gay werewolves, greymuzzle, guys, harry potter, haunted houses, height, homosexual, horror, horror movies, horses, humor, huskies, individualism, internet, introspection, labyrinth, leopards, lupines, men, mmorpg's, movies, mp3s, mucking, mucks, muscles, music, nature, paganism, paranormal, paw pads, paws, penis, pizza, pr0n, procrastinating, red hair, relaxing, road trips, roleplay, rosettes, rpgs, sci-fi, self-discovery, sex, shamanism, simpsons, soy sauce, spirituality, spots, supernatural, tall, technology, therianthrope, therianthropy, tigers, travel, travelling, tv, weird al, wolf, wolves, writing, yiffy stories, zoo